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About modEL inc.

The modEL inc showroom was founded in 2014, it is a seasonal showroom in Paris and Tokyo. The founding director, Mr. Tad Tsushima has had over 20 years experience in the fashion industry in particular wholesale consultant and showroom business. It has developed close, long-standing relationships with the leading retailers.

This playful concept showroom will present trendy labels for high end fashion retailers. We exclude stereotypical operations and quickly catch the ideas and business chances which appear in each area, and try not only to globalize them but also to localize them with 3C (diversity). 3C refers to Country, Category and Culture.



We mix different countries, categories and cultures, and then determine and execute the strategies which suit the needs of local markets. Also, we provide solution for creative buyers and labels aspiring to develop their sales world-widely and especially
by using his strategic location analysis and to proactive sales approach.

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