"Seivson, created by two girls, is a brand based on their inspirations surrounding life. Seivson is derived from two French words ""Nos"", which represent us, the two girls, and ""Vies"" as inspirations that reflect on life. two groups of French characters after the flip, is our brand name ""Seivson"". 
This brand is established by two girls who have completely different backgrounds. Tzuchin Shen is from Taiwan, graduated a respected fashion college, and is a designer who has gained experience through work in the fashion industry. The other, Song Mi-jin, is currently hugely successful in Taiwan as an entertainer, and is from Korea. 
Unrestricted design practices show a special ambiguous style that symbolizes both balance and imbalance. Flexible yet unconstrained by boundaries, will inadvertently change everyday small ideas into a gargantuan concept. Showing, in-deliberately an irreplaceable modern style, the birth of ""Seivson"" is born.