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A wonderful Parisian story
La Maison Koshka Paris is a fashion brand founded in Paris in 2007 by M. Mari SAMVELYAN under the name of Koshka Mashka.
Apart from the traditional codes of fashion, Maison Koshka Paris offers a modern vision. A garment as a woman’s representation, an extension of her personality. An assorted style, without being excessive, a free and assumed elegance. Its independence allows Koshka Paris to maintain the values that are important to us: respect for craftsmanship, responsibility, durability, and shared spirit.

Mari, our designer
After having studied fashion design, and enjoyed an early career in Armenia and Italy, Mari Samvelyan moved to Paris to follow her dreams: offering to women both a joyful, chic, and convenient wardrobe. Her greatest source of pride : seeing her creations liked and worn in Paris, but also during the Cannes Film Festival, and from New York to Shanghai...

Our style,
Soft femininity, an appearance, and silhouette accentuated by cuts and details which come from couture. Sometimes a touch or more of lace. An elegance and finesse creating sophisticated simplicity. Pieces which can be combined and adapted to all lifestyles and to all occasions, in order to create the ideal wardrobe.

The choice of materials and fabrics
Silk, cotton, wool, cashmere: these are the favorite materials of Koshka Paris. For their softness and natural elements, Maison Koshka Paris selects the most beautiful, top-quality fabrics, each one meticulously chosen, leading to the refinement of each garment.